Porcelain Slab/900x1800x10.5mm/Black Maquina



porcelain slab/900x1800x10.5mm

Porcelain Slab/900x1800x10.5mm/Black Maquina is a very suitable choose for splashes or walls. This slab is Resistant to absorb the humidity, easy to install and clean. One of the biggest changes made with the production of these tiles was replacing them with stone slabs. Their special features, including being lighter, high resistance, and most importantly, the impenetrability of ceramic slabs, especially the porcelain type, made designers use large-sized ceramics  designs more than stone. Very diverse designs, large dimensions, covering more area, uniformity of the space, making small spaces look bigger, less strapping, high resistance, use on the floor, wall and floor, suitable for wet spaces such as toilets and bathrooms, color Various configurations, low thickness, use as inter-cabinet, low maintenance cost, high durability, easier cleaning and high pressure and impact tolerance are among the features that large size ceramics have. The influencing factors in the price of ceramics can be attributed to various factors, including the brand and factory of ceramic slabs, the dimensions of ceramics, the design of ceramics, the color of ceramics, whether it is ordinary or porcelain, and the quality of the glaze used on the surface of the ceramics, among others. Such as pointed out. It should be mentioned that you should pay attention to this point, that is, even though the slabs are produced in sheets, but they are sold in square meters like normal ceramic tiles, and their prices are also presented in square meters. That is, you may choose a type of these large-sized tiles, each sheet of which covers an area of ​​more than one square meter. In order to visit our great products physically, you can just come over and have a look at them. We are proud to present our products in two branches in Melbourne. 334 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South and 772 Station Street, Boxhill North. Our contact numbers: Dandenong,0387593241,0478669096

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