Comparing Bench Top Materials

Designing the kitchen for your dream home always seems to be a huge decision! As a majority of a family’s time is spent in that space, family’s always talk about building their dream kitchen. One major factor to building a dream kitchen comes down to which styling and materials you decide to go with for your bench top and counter space. Today we will be looking at various popular material used for bench tops, the pros and cons for each and which material we recommend.

Engineering Stone Bench Tops

Engineered stone is a synthetic material made up of quartz crystals and is often used for bench tops in the kitchen and bathroom. This type of stone is durable and can last for years. It is available in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes, which provides homeowners with a wide range of options when it comes to creating their ideal design. The cost of engineered stone bench tops is typically higher than other types of stone, but can be well worth the investment due to its superior durability, longevity, and attractive presentation.

Pros: Durable, stylish, great heat-resistant & anti-bacterial

Cons: Pricey, difficult to repair & prone to stains

Glass Bench Tops

Glass bench tops are a contemporary choice for any kitchen. They are often paired with other natural stone elements such as granite or marble for a contrasting look. Glass bench tops offer a smooth and stylish look that is very easy to clean and maintain. They can be customised in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes, and finishes, to suit any kitchen design. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, they are also extremely hygienic making them a great choice for any kitchen.

Pros: Easy to clean and hygienic, versatile design, sleek & environmentally friendly

Cons: Prone to staining and scratches, easily breakable & needs to be treated carefully

Laminate Bench Tops

Laminate bench tops are an affordable option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas where aesthetics are important. Laminate bench tops are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They come in a range of colours, textures and patterns, so you can easily find one to match your décor and lifestyle. Laminate bench tops are also great for food prep, as their non-porous surface resists bacteria buildup.

Pros: Easy to maintain and clean, affordable, variety of colours and finishes & eco-friendly

Cons: Not as durable as some other materials, can become damaged easily & prone to scratches

#1 Pick At Chase Tiles: Porcelain Bench Tops

Porcelain bench tops are highly durable and attractive surfaces for counter top installation, and have been a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces for years. They are made from hard-wearing porcelain, an extremely hard and dense material that is resistant to both chips and scratches. Porcelain bench tops are available in many colours and designs, and are relatively easy to clean. They are also highly resistant to weathering, staining and heat.

Pros: Extremely durable, water & stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, great heat resistance and won’t fade or scratch easily.

Cons: Expensive

There are clearly obvious benefits that Porcelain bench tops have over the other materials in particularly being heat resistant but the major downside has been how expensive it can cost.

However there is a solution, elsewhere you could be paying up to triple the price, at Chase Tiles we have made it affordable for customers. We cut all our bench tops in store with our Water jet machine and ensuring the bench tops are cut perfectly to your specifications. Come to our stores to get a free quotation and check out our range.

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